10 Years of Tankograd!

Celebrating 10 years of Tankograd Publishing - Verlag Jochen Vollert can in October 2007 celebrate 10 Years of Tankograd Publications.

How it all began - Despite being a German company and publishing all titles bi-lingual English/German or full English these days, it might wonder that Tankograd was launched in October 1997 as a private venture to provide the enthusiats of Soviet and Warsaw Pact vehicles with a magazine in English language. "The Tankograd Gazette 01" was born, xerocopied, with 24 pages and a print-run of 50 only. Unexpectedly the whole project took off on itself, with a further 700 "Gazette 01" to be sold in the following years in England and worldwide. Further milestones of Tankograd history followed.

The truth behind Tankograd - Tankograd Publishing - Verlag Jochen Vollert prides itself in the unusual. While many of our competitors in the market go mainstram with "Tigers" and "Panthers" only, we go for those titles, left behind on the background on swift profit. It might well be that our print-runs are often not comparable to bigger titles. Our fans, however, appreciate subjects like "British Trucks in Wehrmacht Service" or "Soviet Tracked Tractors in Red Army and Wehrmacht Service". Over the years, Tankograd itself created a small market for publications about vehicles, on which hitherto barely anything was known before. Off to new horizons. I think it is honest to say, that this path is difficult and not paved with vast profits. Why do we do it then? Well, I like to quote: "Don't make an alcoholic a barkeeper, it ends unprofitable". Same goes for an enthusiast of military vehicles and author such as me and the job of a publisher. It remains complicated!

The future of Tankograd - Looking back on ten years of hard work, often harsh times, but also often big success, it boils down for me to that: Nothing would have been achieved without hard work, an amazing number of authors who are willing in the low-fee range to keep things going and naturally our readers. Without the readers, the enthusiasts who buy our products, we would not even be here today. I strongly hope we will be able to keep up the good work in producing excellent research on interesting vehicles at an affordable price. If you, dear reader, are with us, we will be there, too, in the next decade!

Jochen Vollert - Editor-in-Chief, Publisher


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