Bv 206 HUSKY Bv 206 HUSKY Bv 206 HUSKY Bv 206 HUSKY Bv 206 HUSKY
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Bv 206 HUSKY

The Bv 206 D Husky manufactured by the Swedish company AB Hägglund & Sönar is an oversnow and all terrain transport vehicle. Worldwide some 11,700 Bv 206 and Bv 206 D are serving in various variants in more then 40 countries. The German Armed Forces introduced the Bv 206 D in 1985 to their airborne forces and mountain troops.

In this publication not only the Bv 206 family including the armour-protected Bv 206 S and BvS10 are covered, the different vehicles tested since the early days of the Bundeswehr in order to find a suitable vehicle for its mountain units are covered as well.

Quantity Photos and Illustrations:
103 colour / 6 black&white / 2 drawings 1/72
Text - Language:
Complete English
Number of pages:
64 + 4



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