MARDER 1 A5 / 1A5A1 MARDER 1 A5 / 1A5A1 MARDER 1 A5 / 1A5A1 MARDER 1 A5 / 1A5A1 MARDER 1 A5 / 1A5A1
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MARDER 1 A5 / 1A5A1

The Marder 1 A5 and 1 A5A1 AIFVs in Modern German Army Service

No other vehicle has shaped the German Panzergrenadiertruppe, armoured infantry, more than the Schützenpanzer Marder. While the development history and Cold War use of the Marder armoured infantry fighting vehicle had already been described in Tankograd No. 5017 the present updated publication now focusses on the most modern variants, the Marder 1 A5 and Marder 1 A5A1. The technology and active use of both types is described in great depth with detailed walkarounds and in-service photographs. The pictorial side also includes many rare pictures of the Marder AIFV in service with GECON-ISAF in Afghanistan, a mission that has just ended for the Schützenpanzer with the withdrawal of the last vehicles of this type.

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Illustrated with 128 colour photographs
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