FV432 Variants FV432 Variants FV432 Variants FV432 Variants FV432 Variants
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Publication ID: Nr. 9015

FV432 Variants

While British Special 9014 - FV432 dealt with the vehicle in the armoured personnel carrier role and its mission-related kits this publication concludes the FV432 story with the variants and specialised vehicles on the chassis. Includes comprehensive text and many hitherto unpublished photographs.

FV432: Mk3 ‘Bulldog’
- Up-Armoured Enforcer RCWS
- Up-Armoured Platt MR550 Shielded Ring Mount
FV432/30: Rarden Turret
FV432: FA No.15 Mk2 Cymbeline Field Artillery Radar
FV432: with Ranger Scatterable Mine System
FV433: Abbot Self-Propelled Gun
FV434: Carrier Maintenance Tracked
FV436: Green Archer
FV438: Swingfire Anti-Tank Guided Missile Launcher
FV439: Ptarmigan Communication System Vehicle

Quantity Photos and Illustrations:
illustrated with 10 b&w photographs and 127 colour photographs
Text – Language:
English text
Number of Pages:



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