Sturmpanzer A7V<br>First of the Panzers Sturmpanzer A7V<br>First of the Panzers Sturmpanzer A7V<br>First of the Panzers Sturmpanzer A7V<br>First of the Panzers Sturmpanzer A7V<br>First of the Panzers
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Nummer der Publikation: World War One Special 1001

Sturmpanzer A7V
First of the Panzers


Only twenty A7V tanks were ever built and saw action in the Great War. Despite this fact and that its impact on the course of the war was barely noticed, the technical aspects of the design and that it was the landmark of German ‘Panzer' development in the 20th Century made the A7V an icon. The story and technical details of the A7V's development and combat are subject to intensive research for the past thirty years. While several competent extensive books covering the development of the German tank force in World War One have been written, the A7V never was the centre of a detailed, comprehensive and up-to-date monograph. This publication, written by the leading experts in the field, and supported with no less than 36 hitherto unpublished high-quality photographs, aims at telling the story of the A7V based on today's improved knowledge. It also highlights the tank from a different perspective, including individual data sheets with records for each A7V ever built, the war-time use in the three Abteilungen and in Freikorps service. Further chapters include among others the Überlandwagen tracked lorry, crew uniforms, preserved A7Vs and replicas. In addition, the photographs are shown, wherever possible, enhanced in quality and in large size to allow a closer look on technical details. This will allow the enthusiast to access the subject easier, but also grants the expert access to unseen material that only surfaced in the new millenium.

On 104 pages this publication is illustrated with 134 photographs and 12
graphics plus 2 five-side 1/35 scale drawings based on recent new data.

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